Our insurance sectors

As an underwriting agent, we deal with any risks and hazards that occur, among other things in connection with global transport and storage. We offer tailor-made insurance solutions to prevent financial damage for you in case of an accident. No matter if you are an exporter, importer, forwarder, warehouse manager or carrier: we will be there for you and for your customers!

Cargo insurance

Transport always comes with a risk for goods: The owner has a legitimate interest in getting goods to the recipient undamaged. Goods transport insurance based on an all-risk coverage offers precise safeguards and comprehensive insurance protection for your goods.

We offer tailor-made insurance concepts with comprehensive risk management anywhere in the world.

Forwarders liability insurance

Logistics providers are facing a liability trap: statutory provisions, general terms and conditions or individual contracts may cause it to snap shut at any moment. Logistics companies are often not aware of this when they accept orders. In most cases, the service provider not only needs to cover the services rendered by it directly but is also liable for all companies involved in performing the order.

Our experienced team of insurance specialists, forwarding merchants and legal experts is familiar with the practical risks. The often very complicated coverage concepts for logistics contractors are our speciality. We speak your customers’ language and offer cost-efficient insurance solutions customised to their needs.

Comprehensive insurance

Sailing yachts and railways, industrial vehicles, trailers and transport containers all can be insured against many types of dangers and risks. The comprehensive insurance covers the special risks of these means of transport, offering the right protection for your business assets.

We will conduct a customised risk analysis or risk assessment before presenting our diverse coverage concepts to you.

Customised solutions

We develop customised solutions for your risks and tasks. Let us think out of the box to find the perfect insurance concept for your needs together. We are known for developing individual solutions for customers, including coverage for food trucks, warranty coverages and other affinity solutions.

We are the right partner for you as well. Talk to us!